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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Results are coming before Christmas





Michele Tell:
PHONE: 702-233-6996

1) Medal Artwork
2) Additional Medals
3) Stickers and Merchandise available.

Merch / P-O-S

Email Michele Tell at for an inquiry.



The PR%F Awards (tasting competition) requires three (3) bottles – regardless of volume for all spirits, wines, mixers, and non-alcoholic bottles. PR%F Awards Design Distinctions (marketing, label, packaging, bottle and packaging materials) will require one (1) bottle if the single entry, one (1) bottle of each if a series in entered. If you enter both competitions, we require the combined total of four (4) bottles to enter both competitions.

All bottles must be sent to:

Opulent Wines & Spirits
Attention: PR%F Awards
4691 S. Valley View Blvd.,
Las Vegas, NV 89103

If you live in the Las Vegas area, you can hand deliver your submissions M-F, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the above address. Please make sure your products are labeled with PR%F Awards.


Hell yes!

And we do not charge any licensing fees to use our logo or awards title, our fonts or our graphics that we create especially for you. Promote away! In fact, we will provide you a template press release and photo for your use. We encourage our winners to spread the word to your databases, customers, potential customers, community, etc. We also encourage our winners to post away on social media. Like stated, we will provide a template of press information for your use which will include our proper logo, our correct terminology, our correct list of partners, etc., this is also provided to give you the most accurate information available for your websites, your online presence, etc. And visit our merch site to see the various retail products we have to promote that you are indeed a PR%F Award Winner! Click here.


Our judges are buyers. With so many experts in the spirits/wines and beverage arena, selecting our judges was a daunting task. But what it comes down to, and what separates our competition form the others, is that we wanted the key decision makers as our judging panel. Our judges are distributors (the decision makers within those organizations), big box retailers and multiple franchise liquor-store owners. Our panel is comprised of top-level experts and they bring a collective of hundreds of years in experience for quality, taste, price point, marketing and an overall deep understanding of the spirits/wines business and how to get your product out of your warehouse and into a glass. Our judges are diverse and understand the industry from the buying, selling, marketing and in-house workings of hotels, restaurants, stores, chains, and national distribution.

Our goal is to get you on the market, and if you are already there, get you the recognition that you deserve. If our judged like your product, well, you might just be on your way…

And, none of our judges are paid to be a judge although we provide, airfare and food and beverage during their stay in Las Vegas.

Each judge is given a 100-point proprietary judging sheet per brand – focusing on eyes, nose, mouth/feel, taste and finish. Our judging is a double-blind point-system process. Our judges won’t know your name, and won’t know the names of the other spirits they might be tasting next to yours. It is based on a point system so, in true literary terms, it is “Brand Against itself” not “Brand Against Brand.” There could be several top awards received in a single category. In the same, perhaps no one will receive an award in a category.

On the last day of the competition, we will have on display all of the winners & their designated metals and then judges will then be able to compare their notes to the winners. That’s when they get to connect a name with you. At that time, we will be providing your name and information directly to our judges (distributors, big box retail, national liquor stores) and they just might contact you directly.



We are possibly doubling our judges and outreaching to more states so that we can provide the most distinct judging panel of distributors and buyers in the United States. Your brand will be tasted out-of-the-gate by nearly 50 potential buyers. The publicity machine behind the PR%F Awards was a spectacular showcase – PR%F Winners such as Silver Winner Danmark Gin and Century Award Winner Hardy Legend 1863 found their way onto our title sponsor Delta Airlines Sky Club menus-worldwide, and numerous brands have found distributors and reached the shelves of many outlets. The motto at the PR%F Awards is simple – we move brands forward into the marketplace. So enter again, and again and again…

Our judging is a double-blind, point system process. Our judges won’t know your brand’s name, and won’t know the names of the other spirits the judges are tasting next to yours.

On the last day of the competition, we will have on display all of the winners & their designated metals and then judges will then be able to compare their notes to the winners. That’s when they get to connect a name with you. At that time, we will be providing your name and information directly to our judges (distributors, big box retail, national liquor stores) and they just might contact you directly. And then, the publicity wheel begins to spin, with social media posting on ALL of our winning brands, a special Food and Beverage Magazine that features all of the winners and a photo gallery of the two-day special event, and more.

Yes! What better way to introduce your spirits brand to so many buyers at one time. Our judges hailed form more than 15 states in 2019, and in 2020 – we are hosting judges from more than 22 states – what a way to showcase your brand!


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB. All payments are made online via a credit card system. An ACH direct bank payment can also take place, please reach out to

Make sure you hit the payment button to receive a receipt. Next step is to make sure you send in your three (3) bottles for judging. For more information, visit our entrant’s page Click Here Also, check out our other competition PR%F Awards Design Distinctions. A panel of talented marketing, graphic design and advertising professionals will award medals for label, packaging and point-of-sale marketing materials. Visit PR%F Award Design Distinctions for more information.

Yes. We recommend Park Street and they can be reached at Please note In the subject area that this is a submission for the PR%F Awards.

Absolutely! Enter four spirits/wines, and your fifth one is free. Enter 10 spirits/wines, and two are free. Anyone who enters more than 25 different brands, we will craft a discount personally for you. Same goes for our PR%F Awards Design Distinctions – enter four, your fifth is free, etc. For information, please reach out to


PR%F Awards are open to all brands/spirits/wines that are produced anywhere in the world; those that can enter include distillers, producers, owners, marketing/PR agencies, and distributors. If the brand owner is not the entity submitting the award, we must have permission. Our partner Park Street is a customs broker and can be reached for international mailing at

PR%F Award offers a wide range of spirits/wine tasting categories. Here is our full list of categories to enter:

All spirits must be commercially available for retail by end of the year of competition entered.


We are not canceling. We are pleased to offer this dynamic award to the industry and look forward to seeing a medal around the neck of your bottle! No fees will be returned because this show will go on!


No. Spirits are given a medal based upon the points they accrue. There could be many golds in one category, or none – it’s all based upon the points calculated.

Our judges will know the winners on the last day of the competition but we have asked the judges to not disclose the winners, verbal or social media until our program is complete. Our winners will be notified approximately two weeks after the competition via an email. Medals will be mailed out simultaneously when the Food and Beverage Magazine Special PR%F Awards edition is released in September 2020.

We are thrilled when a new brand enters our PR%F Awards, and we announce the new entrant by creating a graphic with your bottle and letting the world know that you have entered the most sought-after spirits competition. Right away, the publicity engine revs and the recognition of your brand begins in the eye of the public. Our social media posting includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – on a variety of sites that includes Food and Beverage Magazine, now reaching 12 million viewers monthly. We are proud of all of our entrants and winners and promote all winners Bronze, Silver, Gold, Double Gold and Century Award!

  • Bronze Medal
  • Silver Medal
  • Gold Medal
  • Double Gold
  • Century Award – Perfect Score – 100 Points

We have created a proprietary point system that recognizes each category.


Your entry fee (and if needed additional customs broker fee) provides you full entrance into PR%F Awards. Should you want to enroll in the PR%F Awards Design Distinctions for label, packaging, and point-of-sale, and additional one-time judging fee is $299 per entrant. Visit here to enter, Click Here.

Your entry fee provides you with entrance into the competition; one medal of honor per entry bottle should you win; a photograph of your bottle with a medal for social posting; a press release template that you can customize and distribute to your database our outside media. In addition, there will be worldwide post publicity with our presenting partner Food & Beverage Magazine and the Food & Beverage Podcast Network. This all comes with the one-time entry fee. WE DON’T CHARGE LICENSING FEES FOR YOU TO USE OUR MEDALS, OUR LOGO OR BRAND TO PROMOTE THAT YOU ARE A WINNER! Post away!

Yes, we work directly with our partner printer that has our registered logo and we can custom create anything – from step-and-repeat banners to outdoor banners, to point-of-sale materials, etc. For more information, contact

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