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The distinguished PR%F Awards program is powered by Food and Beverage Magazine and Delta Airlines Sky Club.  This double-blind spirits, wine and mixers competition provides a showcase to more than 40 judges – all buyers in the spirits industry.  Our PR%F Judges comes from across the US – The PR%F judges are mainstream liquor buyers, distributors, on and off premise as well as, large retailers with buying decision capability of over $500M.  The 2019 judging panel hailed from different hospitality arenas from states all over the country including Hawaii.  They included buyers from, Food and Beverage Magazine, Delta Sky Club, Green Valley Ranch, Opulent Wine & Spirits, The NEAT Glass, Preferred Public Relations, FB Podcast Network, Constellation Catering.

PR%F Awards Design Distinction is headed up by renowned pop culture artist Michael Godard leading our team of talented creative designers and artist leaders for our creative design awards on labels, point-of-sale and merchandising


Deadlines for submissions is Nov 1, 2020
Private Judging Competition: Dec. 1 & 2, 2020
Fee/Entry: $425

Submissions and Bottles MUST be received by Nov. 1, 2020.


The PR%F Awards is a distinguished Spirits & Wine Competition awards program presented by Food & Beverage Magazine, the B2B go-to industry leader ranked by Alexa as the most trafficked website in the hospitality industry. The judging competition will be conducted in Las Vegas. The PR%F Awards is a double-blind competition and is open to all established and emerging brands, distributors, importers, commercial.

The Proof is in the...


Does your brand shine with what it takes to have our medal around its neck? We think so. Check out our competition details.


Our double-blind and sequestered judges are the finest in the industry. Let’s get your brand in front of them.


Your label & packaging speaks volumes about your brand and drives sales. We know your look is sexy. It’s time to get recognized.


The PR%F Awards is a distinguished Spirits & Wine Competition awards program presented by F&B Magazine. It’s time to let the cat out of the bag.

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