Judging Process


The Private Judging Process

2022 PR%F Awards-Unmasked.  Judges will first taste each brand “double blind” – so that a true taste and discovery of a brand can take place without label recognition.  Then all brands will be revealed and evaluated. Our judging process is a group consensus, with expert buyers that specialize in key areas of expertise. Each brand is evaluated based upon a 100-point system so brands are not pinned or competing against other brands.  It’s a brand against itself. And, we know you got what it takes.

In addition to the Double Blind competition, all entrants will be automatically entered into PR%F Awards-Unmasked. The Total Package. A chance to win a second medal.  All judges will taste your juice, look at your bottle, read your ingredients, see your price point and learn about your story. It’s the Total Package.

Proof Awards 2020 Bronze

Bronze Award

Daily Drinker

Proof Awards 2020 Silver

Silver Award


Proof Awards 2020 Gold

Gold Award

Proof Awards 2020 Double Gold

Double Gold Award


Proof Awards 2020 Century Award

Century Award

Must attain a Perfect Score – 100 Points.

  • Highest Honor & Recommendation
  • Unparalleled & Peerless


If you are interested in becoming a judge for the PR%F Awards contact us at [email protected].

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