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Proof Awards


All of our judges come from all avenues of the hospitality industry

– bars, restaurants, supply side, hotels, resorts, airlines, liquor stores, distributors, online distributors, retail chains, and more. The one aspect they all have in common is that they all hold the title of being a buyer and have the expertise and ability to buy your brands.  That’s what separate us apart – we bring your brand in front of those who not only know their stuff – they have the ability to move your product.

Our Design Distinction judges understand the power of creativity, marketing and the art of sales.  How you present your brand is key to a customer purchasing your brand. World-renown artist Michael Godard, Wyland Gallery Artist Kai Delgado, and Musician/Movies/Author Jeremy Spencer lead a team of talented art directors, graphic gurus and creative experts to rating bottles, labels and overall theme of spirits/wine packaging.