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What Happens After the PR%F Awards is finished?

February 15, 2021 10:29 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

On the last day of the competition, we will have on display all of the winners & their designated medals and then judges will then be able to compare their notes to the winners. A stack of your business cards will be next to your brand, and all judges can take that to reach out to you if they have interest in your brand.  (So, don’t forget to mail us approx., 100 business cards with your entries).

That’s when they get to connect a name with you. At that time, we will be providing your name and information directly to our judges (distributors, big box retail, national liquor stores) and they just might contact you directly. And then, the publicity wheel begins to spin, with social media posting on ALL of our winning brands, a special edition Food and Beverage Magazine features all of the winners and a photo gallery of the two-day special event, and more. Food and Beverage Magazine now reaches 14 million, monthly, so your win will cross an entire industry that matters to your growth.

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